The Assertive Supervisory and Leadership Competency

Course Code: AM.5
Dates for this course:

9 – 10 January 2017
29 – 30 March 2017
3 – 4 May 2017
10 – 11 July 2017

Subject: The Assertive Supervisory and Leadership Competency
Course Fee: MYR 2,500

Who Should Attend?

  • Supervisors and Managers who believe in People Development and want their companies to perform better.
  • Managers and Executives responsible for execution of strategies of the company
  • Personnel who want to become Competent Leaders

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and recognize themselves, and others, as individuals with great capabilities
  • Understand their role as Supervisors in ensuring organizational effectiveness
  • Understand practical leadership
  • Benchmark themselves against World Class practice
  • Communicate assertively in the workplace
  • Practice effective leadership
  • Understand the importance of teamwork and their role in building effective teams

Course Content

Embracing the Supervisory Role and Expectations
  • What your boss, employees, peers and senior management expect from the supervisory role?
  • Defining and discussing the basic functions of management: planning, organizing, implementing and leading and monitoring and controlling.
Embracing the Power of Self through Emotional Intelligence
  • Overview of Emotional Intelligence and its principles
  • The EI framework – the links: Accurate Self Assessment, Self Control, Organizational Awareness, Empathy
  • How and why Emotional Intelligence is a critical component of Supervisor Development.
  • Self Assessment Exercise / EQ Assessment
The Effective Supervisor and the workplace challenges
  • Workplace challenges of the Effective Supervisor
  • Interpersonal Understanding and need for effective communication: Communication Core Elements; Understanding other people’s problems; Communication and Relationship Building
The Effective Supervisor as a Manager and Leader
  • Core principles of Leadership i.e. Accountability and Responsibility, Contributing, Commitment and Authenticity
The Effective Supervisor as a Manager and Leader

Case Study on the Effective Supervisor and Team Leadership, Teamwork and Cooperation

The Effective Supervisor and moving from Good to Great (Jim Collin’s Principles)
  • Levels 1 - 5 and what is expected
Application of Good to Great Principles from a Supervisory Context – Group discussions
  • What it takes to apply the principles and the challenges to overcome?

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