Sales Leadership

Course Code: SM.3
Dates for this course:

11 – 12 January 2017
16 – 17 May 2017
12 – 13 July 2017
15 – 16 November 2017

Subject: Sales Leadership
Course Fee: MYR 2,500


Sales leaders play the critical role in determining the end result. It is important that they understand the key elements of the revenue and profit generation models and ways they can be utilized to achieve the desired performance and productivity of the sales team and individual sales people. They hold the key for the whole team to be in congruent in direction and mission while upholding the customer-centric experience for the clients, which is beneficial for the organization in the long run.

Who Should Attend?

  • Regional Managers
  • Business Development Managers / Executives
  • Branch Managers
  • Account Managers

Learning Objectives

  • Increase in performance and productivity of sales people and sales team
  • Apply the sales leadership roles in managing sales people, sales team and lead team
  • Ability to harness team culture to achieve sales target while maintaining sales quality
  • Use Best Practices and On-Job Training for competency building and optimize capacity to produce desired results
  • Achieve higher productivity and retention rate of sales people

Course Content

Module 1: Contribution of Business Value to the Organization’s Strategy and Growth
  • Creating value in business proposition and its contribution to the organisation.
  • The KPIs and managing them.
  • The components of customer-centricity and apply them in the sales process and revenue generation
Module 2: The Sales Management Process
  • The effective Sales Management Process to manage productive activities for better sales results
  • Benchmark conversion ratio and diagnose performance issues.
Module 3: Optimizing Resources to Achieve Desired Performance and Productivity
  • The Role of a Sales Leader and Sales Coach.
  • The "Mirror-Mirror” – receiving feedback
  • The language pattern to collaborate as a Sales Team and Lead Team
  • Nurturing and implementing both Sales Team and lead Team Action Plans.
  • The motivation factors of sales people and their driving factors.
Module 4: Interrelationship of Planning-Implementation-Evaluation to Reach Strategic Goals
  • Flying Your Rocket - Sales Action Plan based on goals with strategies and tactics
  • Sharing and Presentation of Action Plan


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