Know Your Leadership Style & Managing Conflict

Course Code: UC.4
Dates for this course:

6 – 7 April 2017
5 – 6 October 2017

Subject: Know Your Leadership Style & Managing Conflict

Course Fee: MYR 4,300

Know and improve your leadership style

This programme is designed to support delegates wishing to review, assess and develop their personal leadership style and influence within the organisation.


The programme is designed to look at core leadership theory, help delegates understand their own personal leadership style and strengths, consider their personal leadership in the wider organisational context and support a personal development journey.


Delegates will:
  • Explore a range of leadership theories and different leadership styles,
  • Understand the key responsibilities of the leadership role including developing the team, contributing to vision and strategy development, challenging and supporting the team, role modelling and creating standards etc.
  • Assess the impact of different leadership styles
  • Understand the importance of being aware of and analysing the internal and external environments in which the leader operates
  • Be aware of the leader’s role in supporting and mentoring team members
  • Consider the role of Emotional Intelligence in the leadership role
  • Use and interpret different techniques to identify their own characteristics, strengths and limitations
  • Understand the importance of continuous self-development and how to identify opportunities to develop oneself in the leadership role

Managing conflict in the workplace

Delegates will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of managing conflict and supporting individuals in the workplace.


The course raises participants’ understanding of the background to conflict and the contribution they can make to either calming or escalating the confrontation. During the training day participants learn and practice key skills to build their confidence to maintain composure whilst de-escalating customer conflict.
By the end of the day delegates will be better able to:
  • Identify the key components present in all angry confrontations
  • Recognise different stages of conflict escalation
  • Recognise the signs of conflict and aggression
  • Maintain composure when responding to conflict and aggression
  • Use skills to manage their words, phrases and body language
  • Demonstrate skills to stay calm and manage angry customer behavior


  • Identify causes of conflict at work
  • Describe the stages in the development of conflict
  • Explain the effects of conflict on individual and team performance at work
  • Explain any recognised technique a manager could use to minimise and resolve conflict in the workplace
  • Describe how a manager could create harmony at work and engender a positive atmosphere in order to minimise the adverse effects of conflict

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