Conducting Competency Based Interviews

Course Code: HR.1
Dates for this course:

12 – 13 January 2017
22 – 23 March 2017
19 – 20 July 2017
9 – 10 October 2017

Subject: Conducting Competency Based Interviews
Course Fee: MYR 2,500

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • HR personnel
  • All those who are tasked to conduct interviews.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the principles and benefits of CBI.
  • To develop effective interview questions, aligned with job competencies, selection criteria and Company’s vision and core values.
  • To develop interviewing skills based on behavioral and techniques including active listening, probing, questioning and body language.
  • To assess the candidate and making hiring recommendations.
  • To provide constructive feedback to candidates and undertake effective assessing and selection process.

Course Content

General Overview
Company’s Vision and Core Values. Define Core, Behavioral and Functional Competencies.
  • Able to connect the interview with the Company’s vision and core values for effectively conducting the competency based interview. Converse in evaluating group data according to a competency.
Job Description
Leveling the Position, Explaining Behavior and exploring Competence Based Interview.
  • Able to translate the current Job Description to a competency based description. Learn the different behavior aspects of candidates.
Selecting and Screening
Fundamentals of Competency Based Interview, Knowing the Generations, Behavior Analysis – Body Language, The Art of Questioning and crafting questions.
  • Appreciate the diverse generations and manner of reacting in an interview. Learn the art of questioning for effective interview. Learn the candidate’s verbal and non-verbal cues to help determine the behavior to refine selection.
S.T.A.R. Effectiveness
Developing the Questions. An appreciation of specific and generic interview questions.
  • Clarity in asking specific interview questions that generates STAR ratings for better hiring decisions.
Conducting the Interview
Interviewing Strategies and common mistakes. Getting Started with the Role Play.
  • Justified in making objective selection decisions based on the evidence acquired from the candidate to ensure person-job and cultural fit.


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