Business Presentation Skills

Course Code: MS.6
Dates for this course:

9 – 10 February 2017
30 – 31 May 2017
26 – 27 July 2017
25 – 26 September 2017
21 – 22 November 2017

Subject: Business Presentation Skills
Course Fee: MYR 2,500

Who Should Attend?

Employees needing to gain the confidence and skills to deliver effective presentations in the business environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding and managing obstacles to effective public speaking.
  • A structured approach to preparing, delivering and following up on presentations.
  • Delivering business presentations confidently and assertively.
  • Becoming more self-aware to facilitate continuous improvement as a presenter.

Course Content

  • Clearly defining and understanding the purpose of the presentation and its objectives.
  • Determining the best delivery approach for achieving the objectives of the presentation.
  • Knowing the audience and how to adjust the presentation to their expectations by testing your speech for relevance to the interests and expectations of the -audience.
  • Researching your presentation in a comprehensive manner – information and evidence.
  • Identifying, acknowledging and managing fear and nervousness before and during the presentation.
  • Rehearsing and remembering your speech.
  • Understanding the comparative effectiveness of the different senses (visual, sensory, auditory) in assimilating information and using this awareness of the audience to make the delivery of the presentation more effective.
  • Designing the structure of the presentation.
  • Illustrating your points with emotional images and the power of story-telling.
  • Effective delivery techniques – eye contact, vocal stress and emphasis, making a human connection, appearance, timing, usage of equipment and visual aids.
  • Engaging the prior assistance and support of other people in the presentation venue.
  • Recovering from mistakes and managing the situation when things go wrong.
  • Learning from great speakers and embarking on a journey of lifelong improvement.


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