Building Self-Confidence in Business Interactions

Course Code: SM.5
Dates for this course:

2 – 3 February 2017
15 – 16 May 2017
8 – 9 August 2017
29 – 30 November 2017

Subject: Building Self-Confidence in Business Interactions
Course Fee: MYR 2,500

Who Should Attend?

Project and operational staff, needing to increase their self-awareness, and conduct themselves with confidence and assertiveness when interacting with stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course participants will have gained skills and knowledge in:
  • Understanding a model of human behavior and why people act in specific ways.
  • Applying techniques to boost their self-confidence and assertiveness.
  • Converting the confidence to success in attaining project and business objectives.

Course Content

  • A model of the human personality and diversity of behavior
  • Understanding one’s own personality, doubts and fears relating to human interaction.
  • Exerting more control in situations that are important to achieving task objectives.
  • Understanding the personality and motivation of an excessively dominant individual.
  • Resisting undue pressure from excessively dominant individuals.
  • Identifying the current and desired levels of self-confidence and assertiveness.
  • Different approaches to boosting self-confidence.
  • The importance of adequate preparation – know the facts in sufficient detail.
  • Proper planning – anticipating behavior and proactively being ready with responses.
  • A useful verbal technique – open questions delivered firmly and rephrased if necessary.
  • Reconditioning oneself with sufficient practice to react calmly to aggressive behavior.
  • Believing in oneself and the ultimate success of confidence-building techniques.
  • Replacing fear with sympathy and empathy

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